Welcome to School of Fototechnik

The Fototechnik family welcomes you to this site. If you are interested in Photography; you want to learn Photography; you intend to join a Photography Course; your association with this Photography School will be a lifelong relationship to cherish.

The School of Fototechnik is a premier institution of photography, the only one in North India that offers courses approved by the Federation of Indian Photography (FIP). The institute is run by internationally acclaimed teachers and photographers, who are really passionate about photography.

This institute of photography holds very high academic standards in its courses. The approach being learning by experimenting and that shows up in the teaching style. Although the courses mainly focus on getting the students proficient in the latest digital photography technology, they also cover the evolution of photography, with practical demonstrations of various photographic equipment, used during the last century.

This school of photography has students who have moved on to successful careers in various branches of photography. This photography institute in Delhi have a significant base of alumni throughout the country, who support the ongoing efforts of the institution to provide quality education to students who are serious about a career in this exciting and rewarding field.

The students’ claim that the School of Fototechnik is the best photography institute in Delhi, or even so to say it is the most comfortable place for all budding photographers to take refuge. It is all because of the extremely caring approach the faculty and the same being inculcated among the students has created a family.

We call ourselves the Fototechnik Family.