About Us

The School of fototechnik is an institution dedicated for the propagation of photography.  The approach to photography in this institute is very different.  Here photography is not treated as a ‘Trade’ to teach a set of do’s and don’ts.  For us photography is a subject, a study and the teaching procedures help students to assimilate and imbibe the intricacies of the process and inculcate in their minds the capabilities to fascinate and enthral the procedures and its modalities. 

The courses have been designed by experienced teachers to fulfil the need of today’s science age.  The trainings imparted are through theory and practical classes.  Special trainings to develop the skills required, to pursue a successful career in different branches of photography are also provided. 

The School of Fototechnik has designed its courses in accordance with modern educational techniques.  Attention is paid to more of experiential learning.  Theories taught are supported by practical demonstrations.  Classes are supplemented with visual aids to have a better understanding of the science of photography and its underlying principles and processes.  To backup any incomplete assimilation of the photographic knowledge imparted in the classes, individual attention is provided to reinforce the deliberations of the faculty members. 

The School of Fototechnik also organises workshops for special interest groups, photographic tours, print & slide shows, and other programmes of photographic interest.  Special guest lectures by professionals and other eminent personalities from various parts of India and abroad are arranged to widen the knowledge of photography and to develop intimate contact with the Photographic World. 

On completion of the course, guidance is provided to secure photography jobs in various departments of Government and private sector.  Support is provided to those who want to take up photography independently in the branches of Commercial photography, Advertising photography, Press photography etc. Consultancy is also provided to those who do not wish to join the photographic profession but remain to be serious amateurs and hobbyists.

Institute Manifesto
Photography is an inseparable activity of modern civilisation.  From social functions through journalism, advertising to scientific research, photography has made a place for itself.  It has also been acknowledged as an art form for the self-expression of the Photo Artists. In spite of this high status of Photography today, it is unfortunate that there is no National Institute for Photography. The School of Fototechnik is an attempt to impart thorough knowledge of the art and science of photography.

About SoFEs
The School of Fototechnik Education Society (SoFEs) is a registered society under the Society Registration Act XXI of 1860 under the territory of NCR Delhi. The mandate of the society is to propagate photography through teaching, organising workshops, putting up exhibitions, and other activities. The Society is manned by the ex-students of the School of Fototechnik.

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