Intensive Course in Photography

Day 1

Brief history & Basic Science of photography

Evolution from Pin-hole to modern sophisticated models. Camera components, functions & uses. Digital Cameras

Camera equipment & accessories
Demonstration of different camera models & Using the camera

Construction of photographic lenses. Type of lenses and their application in photography & resolving power.

Application of different lenses
Demonstration of different lenses

Day 2

Light Sensitive Materials
Chemical composition, BW films – construction, Type & sizes, Film speed Characteristics- contrast, graininess & spectral sensitivity, Resolution

Light Sensitive Materials: Colour films – tripak, colour temperature, Construction of Photographic Paper

Light; Fundamentals of light. Lighting techniques. Handling daylight & artificial light

Studio Lighting techniques
Demonstration of lighting techniques, lighting for Studio Still life & lighting for Studio Portraiture

Exposure (One)
Relationship with light intensity & film speed. Exposure controls with aperture & shutter speed. Daylight & Artificial Light Exposures.

Day 3

Electronic Flash
Electronic Flash, Guide Number, Synchronising Shutter Speed, Determination of Flash Exposure, Thyristor controlled flash, TTL Flash, Studio Flash Units, Accessories for Studio Flash.

Exposure (Two)
Over, correct & under exposures, Exposure meters, Effect of aperture & shutter speed, Exposure functions in Electronic Cameras

Depth of Field
Measurement of sharpness. Circle of confusion. Hyperfocal distance. Variables controlling Depth of Field.

Aesthetics of a Picture
The Picture: Elements of a picture. Photographic composition. Forms, feelings, balance, cohesion & aesthetics

Day 4

Digital Photography (One)

Introduction to Digital Photography, Film & Digital – a comparison

Digital Photography (Two)
File Formats, Resolution, Compatibilities, Digital Camera – Functions & Settings

Computer Hardware & Software, Introduction to PhotoShop

Day 5

Studio Shooting
Studio Still-life with Studio Flash.
Studio Portrait with Studio Flash.

Day 6

Outdoor photography of Birds & Animals at the Zoo.
Outdoor photography of Human activities & Monument at some archaeological site.

Studio Shooting
Studio Still-life with Studio Flash.
Studio Portrait with Studio Flash.

Day 7

Studio Shooting –
Shooting Close-ups of flowers, insects and small objects with Studio Flash.

Shooting with Camera Mounted Flash
Event Shoot with Camera Mounted Flash

Knowing the Image editing software -PhotoShop
Knowing the Image editing software – Work area / Menu Bar / Option Bar / Tool Box / Active Image Area/

Working with Brightness & Contrast / Levels / Burning & Dodging Tools/ Conversion to BW using Greyscale / De-saturation / Channel Mixer

Knowing the Image editing software – Image size / Resolution/ Colour correction with Variations / Levels/ Using selection tools and learning to make boarders

Day 8

Preparing final images
Image editing of the selected images

Day 9

Preparing final images
Image editing of the selected images

Day 10

Behaviour & effect. Types of filters & Filter Factor. Filters in B/W photography. Filters in Colour photography

Useful Accessories & Camera Care

Common accessories their requirement & use. Care & maintenance of camera and accessories, Storage of negatives, prints & slides.

Applications of Photography
Applications: Studio Photography, Wedding Photography, Advertising Photography, Photography in Architecture, Stage Photography, Nature & Wildlife, Scientific Photography, Photojournalism