Honours & Distinctions

Honours and Distinctions 2013 (Summer Session) distributed at the World Photography Day Celebrations

The World Photography Day has been celebrated by the School of Fototechnik with great zeal and vigour. The program venue was overflowing with the attending crowd. On completion of 15 years of existence, this institute has introduced the conferring of Photographic Distinctions. This year the event was celebrated through awarding distinctions and a slide show of the awardees.

The Chief Guest of the program was Mr Himadri Maharana, Director Training, Indian Railways. He gave away the certificates to 8 Associateship Distinction recipients (ASoF), 4 Fellowship Distinction recipients (FSoF) and awarded 6 eminent personalities with the Honorary Fellowship (Hon.FSoF) of the School of Fototechnik.

Among the Honorary Fellowship (Hon. FSoF) awardees were Mr. R. K. Paul, AIIPC, the PSA Region Director – Region 33, the Indian Subcontinent, Mr. K. G. Maheshwari, APSA, ARPS, Hon. FIIPC, the oldest living PSA Member from India (PSA member since 1st June 1964),  Mr Anil Risal Singh, MFIAP, ARPS, FFIP, AIIPC, Hon. FIP,   and Mr Partha Sarathi Sengupta, a veteran Photojournalist of the country among others.

Honorary Fellows’Portfolios

The recipients of the Fellow (FSoF)and Associate (ASoF) of the School of Fototechnik  in the Introductory Session – Summer Session 2013, were as follows:

Fellows: Suniel Marathe, ARPS, AFIAP, AFIP, (Mumbai), Manoj Kumar, ARPS, AFIAP, FFIP, AIIPC, ((New Delhi) and Arunaa Singh, AFIAP, FFIP, (Lucknow)

Associates: Amit Dey (New Delhi), Sharad Gupta (New Delhi), Gaurav Dar (Allahabad), Paras Manchanda (New Delhi), Harish Chhabra (Hisar), Nishikant Singh (New Delhi), and Poonam Nag Chaturvedi (Lucknow).

Distinction Portfolios

A Slide Show of more than 100 photographs was screened and the audience appreciated the good work of all the distinction recipients.

The enthusiasm of our friends in photography has overwhelmed us and the management of the institute has decided to invite distinction applications twice a year. The closing of submissions will be 10th June (Summer Session) and 10th December (Winter Session) every year.

Our Congratulations to all the new distinction holders in achieving the milestone.


Distinctions 2013 (Winter Session) distributed at the Annual Day Celebrations of the Institute on 20th April 2014

The School of Fototechnik has stepped into the 17th year of its existence on the 20th April 2014.

The 2014 Annual Day celebrations started with the last year’s report followed by a demonstration by Mr Amit DeyFSoF on “Hardware Calibration of Monitors”. Mr Pankaj Bandlish delivered a talk on the latest features of Canon Cameras.

The program concluded with the distribution of Fototechnik Distinction Certificates.

The recipients of the Fellow (FSoF)and Associate (ASoF) of the School of Fototechnik  in the Winter Session 2013, were as follows:

Fellows: Subhash Jirange, AFIAP, FFIP, (Mumbai), T Srinivasa Reddy, ARPS, FFIP, (Vijaywada), Ch Narayan Rao, ARPS, (Vijaywada), Ch V S Vijaya Bhaskara Rao, ARPS, AFIAP, FFIP, (Vijaywada).

Associates: B Ramana Kumar, (Chennai).

Our Congratulations to all.

The submission date for Fototechnik Distinction (Summer Session) is June 10, and  (Winter Session) is December 10, every year.